Self Love Hair Potion


Someone suggested that I should add a carrier oil to the potion to make it safe for the skin. I think that’s a good idea, especially those of us with sensitive skin. A good carrier oil to use would be coconut oil. I’ve looked at various websites about diluting essential oils with water. Some say it works, some say it doesn’t. Do your own research and make your own judgement call. For me I will be adding the coconut oil.


  1. This potion is not meant to replace any medications or therapy. This is just to add a little extra power in the process of trying to heal and love yourself.
  2. Please use gemstones and essential oils at your own risk. Some oils may not react well with your skin. I did do research, but it was minimal. Also, some gemstones may erode in water so be cautious of that.
  3. Do not let potion come in contact with eyes. Flush out immediately if this happens.



I’ve been kind of down on myself lately. I’ve been going through a depression and haven’t been taken care of myself (not eating right, not going to the gym, etc).

That’s why I’ve decided to create a hair potion for self-love. Here is how I made it. It was actually quite easy.

I will walk you through the steps and at the end of the post I will list the magical attributes of each item used.

What you will need:

-Glass container (one that makes for easy pouring)
-Essential Oils [see below]
-Gemstones [see below]


  1. For the glass container I went with a vinegar oil bottle. It was only $3. Other options would be a glass soap dispenser or a cruet & stopper.


2. For my essential oils I chose rosemary, lemon grass, peppermint, and lavender. I will list why they are good for the hair at the bottom of the post. If you aren’t sure if you’re going to like the smell, pour some water into an ordinary container and add one drop of each oil to test the smell. Some of them might be over powering so you’ll probably only smell one or two. For me I mostly just smelled the peppermint.


3. The gemstones I chose were: amethyst, clear quartz, agate, and rose quartz. Magical attributes listed below.

4. I chose distilled water to use. I wanted to use rose water, but roses at the store were $10 and I didn’t have my own rose bush. Distilled water is less than $1. You can use rose water if you want to spend the money. Another idea would be to use spring water if you have access to water from a natural spring. If none of these appeal to you, simply use regular water that you have boiled a bit (let cool before adding to bottle).


  1. Cleanse the materials and area. Only if you want to boo boo. You do you and it’ll be good. I cleansed my items using a cleansing spray I had made a while ago.
  2. Grab your bottle or whatever glass container you have chosen and add the essential oils you’d like. I did 3 drops of each oil (12 drops total depending on how many you are using).
  3. Next comes the water. It’s best to use a funnel to add it to your bottle.
  4. Swish the water and oil together. Obviously they aren’t going to completely blend because of science.
  5. Lastly, drop in the stones you have chosen. Viola! You are ready to love yourself so good.

Optional Steps:

  1. Add sigils or runes. I didn’t do this, but it’s something you could do for extra oomph. Simply write them on a piece of paper and tape them on the outside.
  2. Charge under the full moon. I will be doing this in two days.

***What are some other things you could do to add more power? Add your ideas in the comments below.***

Magical Attributes of Gemstones and Essential Oils Used:

  • Agate: Facilitates acceptance of oneself and builds self confidence.
  • Rose Quartz: Used for opening your heart’s center & healing your emotions.
    Enhances tenderness &kindness & encourages us to be loving, peaceful & gentle.
    Emanating unconditional love, it helps in attracting  positive, gentle energy into one’s life.
  • Amethyst: balance highs and lows and to promote emotional centering.
  • Clear Quartz: Considered “master healer”. To heal any emotional damage so that you can start to love yourself.
  • Lavender: Love. Cleansing and purification to help with healing. For the hair it promotes hair growth if massaged into the scalp.
  • Lemongrass: Good for magically and physically cleansing.
  • Rosemary: Good for hair growth, dry scalp, dandruff (must massage into scalp). Magical-Cleansing and love.
  • Peppermint: Love, purification, renewal, happiness, healing. Promotes hair growth.







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