Self Love Hair Potion: Follow Up

Self Love Potion

A month ago I made a post about a Self Love Hair Potion. This is a follow up to tell about my success with it. In the original post I had it in a pour bottle that I was using to apply to my hair in the shower. That was definitely not working. Too much was coming out at one time. Also, I was rinsing it out. I thought “how is that going to work?” I decided to put it in a spray bottle and spray it on my wet hair AFTER my shower. That worked a lot better. The spray bottle was a lot smaller so I put the excess into a glass jar. Letting it dry into my hair has worked a lot better and it brings out my waves. I only do a few spritz.

It has given me a lot of self confidence. Every time I spritz it I make sure to think about self confidence to reset my intentions each time. The self confidence has let to me being more outgoing. Being more outgoing has helped me love myself more. This was definitely a successful potion.

*Note: In my original post it said that I didn’t do much research on the essential oils I used. The reason being was that I had researched dry herbs instead. When I went to the shop to buy them, they were not available and I had to use the oils. I decided to go ahead with the oils because I really wanted to get the potion made. I’m so happy with the way it turned out.


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