Cornbread Gratitude Offering

I recently started working with/honoring two new goddesses. I wanted to make an offering of thanks and I wanted to try something a little different. Well something different for me. When I make an offering, I like to make it something I’ve put time into. I feel it has more meaning that way. I’m saying that I always have elaborate offerings, sometimes I can only offer incense or herbs.

Today I decided to go with cornbread muffins. These were something I could put time and thought into. Also, I wanted to test the corn muffins because I’ve never made them before and I wanted to make some for the Lughnasadh/Lammas ritual on August 4th.

The mix I used was a Gluten Free Honey Cornbread mix I found at Wal-Mart. The reason I went GF was because I am allergic to gluten. You can of course use whatever mix you like.


The two goddesses I was offering to were Diana and Freya. First thing I did, before making the muffins, I drew symbols on the bottom of each muffin paper.

A rune for Freya and a “D” with an arrow for Diana.

After that I put them in the muffin pan and filled the cup half full with the mix. I then added in some extra offerings for each. In Freya’s I added apples and honey. In Diana’s I added dried rose petals, rose hips, and jasmine that I had offered the other day. I then added more cornbread mix on top to seal in the stuffs.

When I was done, I took the muffins to my altar. I said some words and offered the muffins, and some berry drink. After that, I buried the muffin and drink in my back yard. I usually burn my offerings instead of burying, but it’s been raining a lot lately and the wood was wet. I made sure to remove the paper before burying. I used a shell for digging. Seemed appropriate for some reason. I said some more word of thanks after I finished burying them.








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